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Disco Party Music Playlist Creator


The Boogieland Disco Party Playlist Creator is FREE! to all Boogieland Customers
What People Said About The Playlist Creator
"Having the facility to create my own playlist was great. I got exactly the music I wanted "
"The last DJ I had played all the wrong songs. The night was a disaster and nobody danced. This time I booked with Boogieland and designed the perfect playlist for my friends. They were amazed when they heard I had designed it myself "
" I wanted a mixture of 60s and 70s music and was able to use the playlist creator to get just that. I have been to other parties were the DJ played all modern, banging music and that would have ruined my night. The playlist system is wonderful"

Design your own disco party playlist

Easy to use online system lets you have control over the music at your function
Select your favourite tracks for your party

First Dance - Select from our large library of classic songs

Huge Database - Thousands of tracks from the UK top 40 charts archive You Control - Decide on the theme and style of your party

Choose as much or as little as you want - Let your DJ choose the rest

Buffet - Design a list to suit your style as background entertainment

Select your first dance and view previous first dance favourites.

Choose the tracks you and your partner want to party to.


Avoid the disappointment of an overenthusiastic DJ's selections
Select tracks from your memorable years.

Dance to your friends and relatives favourites.

Be sure to have the music you want at your special occasion.

Theme Nights

Choose tracks from the different decades eg ( 60s, 70s, 80s nights)

Select themes of different genres (Rock, Soul nights)


If you want control over your party music, the Boogieland Playlist Creator is the perfect tool to choose your ultimate disco playlist for your DJ

The Boogieland Disco Party Playlist Creator is FREE! to all Boogieland Customers

All Boogieland DJ's use the Playlist Creator System.

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