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Boogieland Entertainer #3833 "We booked him as an act for our annual "Party in the Car Park" and it was brilliant ! So funny and amazing to see people you know do the most crazy things. Great entertainment. Thoroughly recommend."
Veronica - Green Dragon, Dronfield

Boogieland Entertainer #3833 ""We booked him for a Comedy & Curry Night we organised to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity and we were not disappointed. The show was fantastic and SO many people came to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed it! Not only was his show great, but Simon’s communication from the second I rang him to find out what he was all about to even after the event was second to none and it put me completely at ease about his part of the show. Reliable and totally professional – would definitely recommend him to anyone”."
Kerri Emerson - Knowle, Birmingham

Boogieland Entertainer #3911 "I have hired this guy 3 times so far this year. The visitors to our park love his show as he has the ability to captivate an audience and hold the atmosphere. I would strongly advise him for any party or event. If your looking for something different this is the act!!"
TommyHughes (Complex Manager) - Brynteg Caravan Park

Boogieland Entertainer #3833 "It was a hot and difficult show with a smaller audience than expected but he pulled it off and we all had a great time. Easy to work with, professional and funny. "
Rob Jones - 148 Field Company, Derby

Boogieland Entertainer #3833 "We booked [this act] as the entertainment for our big summer garden party. Well - what a blast we all had ! Many people were initially skeptical as there were a lot of professional people there but by the end we were laughing so much - it was amazing what he can get people to do !! Thoroughly recommended. "
Jonathan Maddox - Private Birthday Party

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Can't thank you enough for last night, truly brilliant and absolutely hilarious. I shall find your website and leave a good review as you come highly recommended. "
Toni M. - 30th Birthday Party - Donisthorpe Woodland Centre

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Your show was amazing everyone is still talking about it. Once again thank you so much. "
Amy S. - 50th Birthday Party - Carlisle Conservative Club

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Thankyou for your wonderful show on Friday evening. Everyone has been raving about the show, I have had people, who were not there ringing me about the videos they have seen ! It was everything I wanted for my birthday bash and some, even my mother and sister have been raving about it. "
Stephen F. 40th Birthday Party - Wath Brow Hornets RLFC, Cleator CA23 3EW

Boogieland Entertainer #3833 "Booked [this act] for a Christmas party and it was BRILLIANT ! Really funny and tasteful - even the non believers were amazed. We will definitely book again - highly recommended."
Leigh Andrews - Cotton Mill, Newcastele under Lyme, a Marstons com

Boogieland Entertainer #3833 "“When we told family and friends that a hypnotist was going to entertain us at my husbands 60th birthday party the reaction was mixed. Some guests immediately said that they wanted to be “put under” whilst others regarded it as something close to the dark arts and to be avoided at all costs. I’m delighted to share that by the end of the show even the most hardened sceptics had been converted when faced with the evidence before their own eyes. had the audience crying with laughter as he put the “volunteers” through their paces and yes, I really DID believe that I was conducting the orchestra at the Last Night of the Proms! If you want something a little different to make your party a memorable occasion then He should be top of your list. The material is tailored to the event so you d"
Sue Harrison - Private Party

Boogieland Entertainer #3833 "Booked [him], hoping he could add some sparkle to our party. WOW – what a difference a professional entertainer makes. He turned what would have been an OK night in to something awesome – I’ll never see the girls in the same light – BRILLIANT, funny and tasteful. Thanks again from us all x” "
Heather Banks - Private Party

Boogieland Entertainer #1764 "Thank you so much for all you did on Saturday. Huge success and the client loved it"

Boogieland Entertainer #1764 "He was so entertaining and we all laughed so much. I watched the audience as he performed, they were completely mesmerised AND the children all sat still for the hour and a half watching what he did and laughing out loud. The parents were even quiet too whilst he put our volunteers under, which is no mean feat."

Boogieland Entertainer #3804 "I booked him as one of the acts for my charity night ,,, he was the saviour of the night ! As well as baffling us all with his ability to hypnotise people he also made the room fill with laughter at his hilarious antics and sense of humour , his comedy hypnotist show was the talk of the night for weeks after , his professional manor also sticks in my mind , very prompt on arrival and was dressed very smart , his posters and banners were very professional and added an extra boost for the lead up to the night, and before and after his performance was a very charming genuine man to talk to. I will defiantly be booking him for the charity night next year without a doubt ! By far the best hypnotist show I have seen, and I have seen many ! Cindy "
Cindy Crystel - Orrel Park Ballrooms

Boogieland Entertainer #3716 "Wow. Wow.Wow. had us in stitches . Very clever with words to make us laugh. Mind blowing . "
Sandra - Private function

Boogieland Entertainer #3576 ""Thank you for such an interesting and entertaining show, and we hope you do another one here""
Jackie Events Manager - HEART Centre Leeds

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "We had such a hilarious night, both children and adults had a amazing time, all the families text me to say they had the best night for a long time, I personally enjoyed it and thought you was brilliant. The comments I got was all very positive and thought you was incredible. "
Lisa C. - Fund Raising Event - Markham Main Pit Club, Armthorpe

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "What a start to the night!!! Thanks for the great entertainment. All the Colleagues loved it. Made the night. "
Nick K. Organiser - Cancer UK Furndraising Event - ASDA - Minworth Lodge & Social Club, Minworth

Boogieland Entertainer #3213 "is without a doubt one of the most kind hearted, inspirational and damn right funny people in existence. His ability to take a crowd of spiritualists and term them into a gabbling, entertaining and at times comedy rude is unbelievable. He has a stage presence that is outstanding and he commands the attention of everyone in the room even when he is doing his thing. I can't say much else but here's some advice. Takes some clean underwear because he is wet your pants funny and will have you in stitches. He really is one of a kind and this is just the beginning. Words can't describe how good he is but Thank You for supporting me and my cause."
Stephen Sellers - Action Against Bullies (Author)

Boogieland Entertainer #3213 "The show was hilarious and in certain this could not be staged as I know the people who were hypnotized extremely well! My wife loved it and she was also a non-believer. Incredible to watch I must admit and since the show many people have contacted the charity to ask if he can perform for them. One thing I’d like to add is his on-stage team"
Tom Shaw - Week on the Street Project and Active for Autism

Boogieland Entertainer #3213 "The Comedy Hypnosis Was nothing short of “Spectacular”engaging the audience in a professional and humorous way, I have never seen so many People doubled up with laughter in one room in my life! Modest, entertaining, amusing, professional with an excellent team is one of the many reasons I can’t wait to book you again for next popular demand!! You should have your own show.. Best I have ever seen!! "
Jacquelyn Haley - Simba Charity.

Boogieland Entertainer #369 " performed at my daughters wedding we were delighted with the service and skill of him. He has the knack of performing an amazing show with out the hoo haa you go through with less skilled stage hypnotists"
George Graham - PARTY

Boogieland Entertainer #369 "did a show for my sons 21st birthday party he was awesome and the best stage hypnotist i have seen"
kelly harty - party

Boogieland Entertainer #369 "A great guy I booked him after seeing him a few years ago at my sons 21st birthday party he was good then but even better now"
john healy - The Rixby

Boogieland Entertainer #369 "Amazing a true gent we were worried at first about what kind of stuff he will do but we need not have as he was able to read the audience and perform his show to suit will be booking again 4/7/2015"
Mr williams - Gretna Green

Boogieland Entertainer #369 "was great and really made our day even though its been some days since his performance all my family are still talking about him what an amazing guy "
Mr and Mrs Stead - wedding

Boogieland Entertainer #369 "He got everyone involved and had us all in stitches. He made our wedding even day even more fantastic and I appreciate it very much. Class act would definatley recommend for any event. 5 *** the people who he hypnotised are still gobsmacked and can't believe it when they have seen the videos. Thanks miles for a great performance everybody loved it 😀😀😀👍🏻👍🏻"
Lindsey Rowlinson - GRETNA GREEN HALL

Boogieland Entertainer #3392 "absolutely brilliant. He was a fantastic professional and a lovely man. He provided exactly what we needed and adapted to my venue with ease."
Ann -

Boogieland Entertainer #3395 ""Quite the funniest natural comedienne to arrive on the British scene in a long time......" "Crazy, brilliant and very funny!!" "
Joanna Cameron - The Trance Lady - Valadier Hotel, Rome

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Very good, very entertaining. I wasn’t a believer beforehand but after being put under myself I have been converted. Very good show, well worth every penny. "
Kevin F. – organiser and volunteer. - Morrison’s Christmas Party, Sidac Club, St Helens

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "just to say thanks for the great show Friday … We all loved it. Only got back today so first chance to contact you … cheers Anthony & Dawn."
Anthony & Dawn S. - Birthday Party, Derwent Hotel, Bamford

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Absolutely brilliant a really good show & he is fantastic. Highly recommend him. Thank you so much. "
Amanda W. - Birthday Party, St Cuthberts Social Club, Wigan

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Would strongly recommend this to anyone. Absolutely brilliant! It's easily the funniest night we've had at RZ – thought Mandy was gonna p*** herself. "
Kenny J. Proprietor - Rock Zombie, Dudley

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "I am just writing to say how impressed we were with the show on Saturday night (Tracey's birthday/Halloween 2nd November). We have had many positive comments from the guests saying how much they enjoyed the experience and how much fun it was! "
Tracey and Darren S. - Silverdale Cricket Club, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Boogieland Entertainer #2737 "Evening was fantastic, lots of positive comments. I've been asked for your contact details. Thanks again. "
Karen B. – organiser (PTA Fundraising Event - MacDuff Bowling Club, Aberdeenshire

Boogieland Entertainer #3395 "Absolutely fantastic, the comedy routine first added to the event."
Mrs A - Private Party

Boogieland Entertainer #3213 "I would like to thank you for doing an amazing show, you had us totally enthralled and crying with laughter, everyone has said how much fun it was and we cant wait for the next one!!!!!!"
Sue Morgan - Welsh Contact Karate and Kickboxing Association

Boogieland Entertainer #947 "Julian Fellowes Creator of Downton Abbey “Wow that was just amazing” an excellent entertainer and integral part to the success of our Summer Ball. The close-up magic was very impressive and our guests were genuinely impressed and mesmerised! The stand-up to finish was really entertaining and really got us all in the party mood! If your looking for magic, Maj Ian Johnson, The Royal Military School of Music Hi, Just wanted to say thank you very, much for the fabulous party for James on Sunday. The kids had a wonderful time and were all taking about you at school on Monday. Your energy and humour made it a very memorable event. Many thanks Lorna Higgins As a wedding DJ I've worked with a number of Master Of Ceremonies with different styles and approaches. I've never me"
Customers comments - Companies, private clients

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "I have got to say, you have one of the best hypnosis shows on the market."

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "Thanks for a great show. You were the hit of the night. Everyone had such a great time. Thank you for making our Christmas party the best we have ever had. We will have you back"

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "If we could package and shelve this show, we'd sell millions."

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "We've never laughed so hard and so long. Excellent show."

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "So hard to find an entertainment to please everyone. His show is one of the few"

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "Wow. What a show!"

Boogieland Entertainer #1622 "One of the best entertainment's we have ever had."

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "I just want to say thanks again for an amazing show, he was a true professional working under adverse conditions at a venue that was frankly too small for an entertainer of his talent. We all really enjoyed the performance and the guys who were hypnotised seemed to have enjoyed it all to. Fantastic. A never to be forgotten experience. David Parkinson."
dashcomputer - The Assheton Arms Restaurant

Boogieland Entertainer #1321 "That was actually the funniest hour of my life, BRILLIANT!"
John - Hallam FM

Boogieland Entertainer #1321 "We were astounded by the way this mind master could influence the people brave enough to get involved! A thoroughly enjoyable experience and one great night out to remember."
Sam - Sony Uk

Boogieland Entertainer #1321 "Genius... but evil"
presenter - Kiss fm Torronto

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "A Great Guest on the show"
Brendan O’Connor - RTE

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Very Entertaining"
The Times -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Knock Out"
The Sun -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "A Great Night Out"
Time Out -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "A Great Show"
Joan Bakewell -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Extraordinary"
James Whale -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Amazing"
Esther Rantzen -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Brilliant"
Derek Acorah -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Nice Performance"
Peter Kay -

Boogieland Entertainer #2269 "Well Done"
Graham Norton -

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "we were extremely impressed by your skills and the quality of the show surpassed our (high!) expectations"
Andrew Evans - Oxford Brookes University

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "I am writing to say how delighted we were with the excellent seminar you delivered at yesterday's Business Together. Your performance truly engaged and entertained the audience, with many attendees highly complimenting the quality of the seminar"
Katie Mcloughlin - PR Executive - Business Together

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "I met someone who attended on Sunday and she was totally in awe of how you did your act"
Margaret Tarpey - MD Concept Communications

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "The Greatest Hypnotist in the World"
Prince Naseem Hammed M.B.E -

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "An amazing entertainer. I've seen him do things that would blow your mind!"
Lee Ford - BBC Radio Sheffield

Boogieland Entertainer #178 "I am delighted with how the evening went and having you there was instrumental to the success of the night. Everyone has been talking about how good the evening was, the show was very funny! You also offer excellent value for money"
Michael Gladstone - Leeds JSOC

Boogieland Entertainer #2410 "He has the whole audience at ease. At no time did he embarrass the people who were hypnotised. Throughout the whole show, his performance was impeccable. I know other members of the audience were keen to book him for other business events, and everyone still talks about what an excellent evening. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ray for any any event, as he is both adaptable and a TRUE PROFESSIONAL. In my position as Golf Professional and Golf Manager, I have had the pleasure of many entertainers and he is DEFIANTLY ONE OF THE BEST"
Golf Manager - Clevedon Golf Club

Boogieland Entertainer #2254 "On behalf of everyone I would like to express our thanks for your fascinating and incredibly interesting contribution to our training event with both your lecture and demonstration of mentalism. I have studied magic as a hobby but have left knowing and understanding a great deal more. I know many of us hope to see more of your act at future mess functions. "
Major General X - British Army Intelligence

Boogieland Entertainer #2254 "Fantastic. Everyone is talking about how brilliant your Chambers of Secrets is. The kids and the adults have really enjoyed it."
Sue - Community Halloween Event

Boogieland Entertainer #2254 "Terrific, we really enjoyed ourselves. It was the best show I have ever been to. Thank you."
Marion - Gala Theatre, Durham

Boogieland Entertainer #1863 "Well I have just been to see your show totally fantastic I have never laughed so much in my life you are amazing I just wish everyone's show was as good as yours Big fan Wendy "
Wendy - Abertay Student Union

Boogieland Entertainer #1863 "Thank you for a great night of entertainment I have to be honest I was a Little sceptical of Hypnotists Shows, But you have blowing my mind away all I can say is Paul Mckena eat your heart out you are the best "
Richard - Abertay Union

Boogieland Entertainer #1863 "I can't believe what myself and everyone at the Union have just seen your show is Great I just can't believe that you as an Entertainer have never been on T.V. all I could say is you should be Can't wait till you come back you are out of this world Once again thank you for a great night"
Scott - Abertay Student Union

Boogieland Entertainer #1863 " well I would love to come back and see this show again I have been going to the Theatre for a long time but never seen a live Hypnotist, I must say your show was excellent you had everyone in fits of laughter, Even though I did not volunteer in no way did you embrace any of the people that did you were Funny, Clean, and Very Professional, If I see you advertised any were in the future I would come back in a moment plus tell all my friends to do the same, Thank you for a Night to Remember . "
Heather - Whitehall Theatre

Boogieland Entertainer #1863 "Well I can't believe that this Hypnotist is not on the T.V. I have watched Paul McKenna show a few times over the years but this Guy is out there, Sorry Paul no match, He is Funny, Fast, very Clever, and never takes it to far if you have not seen this Hypnotist do yourself a favour go I promise you will not leave the Theatre unhappy, He will have your sides sore with laughter, He is worth every penny I would just like to say that it is about time that wee seen shows as good as this in Dundee And a big thank you to the Manager of the Whitehall for bringing this Chap to the Theatre well done , I will definitely be back"
Ian Preston - Whitehall Theatre

Boogieland Entertainer #1863 "Well we have just had our Christmas Party and it is the best one we have ever had. I have to say that it was all due to the Entertainment that we had , I would never have thought that a Stage Hypnotist would be the kind of show for a Xmas Party How Wrong could I be , This Hypnotist was out of this world he had everyone in absolute hysterics , I honestly cant think of a better way to have a party I would recommend to anyone if you are thinking of having a party and would like something totally fantastic then do yourself a favour try and book he will make your night, We have booked him for next year already and I know that some of the staff are going to book him for Family Parties take my word you will not be disappointed "
Ann - Norwich Insurance

Boogieland Entertainer #947 "Just a little note to thank you very much for the fantastic Magic you did on Sunday. Harry and Emma’s 25th Wedding anniversary was the best we could have hoped for thanks to you. All the family haven’t stopped talking about your tricks. Thanks for making it so Special. Many thanks"
Tracy & Mark -Tyler - Holiday Inn Farnham

Boogieland Entertainer #947 "Thank you so much for putting on such a great show for at our company party. I know my work colleges had a fantastic time and have been talking about it every since. The girls wanted more! I will be contacting you again very soon for our next corporate event."
Libby - Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey - ITS Business Group

Boogieland Entertainer #947 "We were lucky to find a professional who not only amazed people with magic but also provided a range of other assistance to make our event a big success"
Mr Glen Hogden - Sofitel Hotel Gatwick

Boogieland Entertainer #167 "His act is the most popular show to date, with unequalled humor, timing and sense of fun. Sellout shows at both UWIC campuses this freshers 2002"
Pippa - (UWIC) Cardiff

Boogieland Entertainer #167 "We have booked him for the last 7 years, as he is without doubt the fastest hypnotist We have ever seen. 1200 freshers in the audience this year 2002 at the Tal y Bont campus show. Brilliant!"
Allyson Radford and Mark Kitcher - Cardiff University

Boogieland Entertainer #167 "For the last 3 years the hightlight of freshers week at Churchill Hall Bristol, has been the hypno night, great humour and great fun. The crowd absolutely loved it, even as much as those taking part. A fabulous night every time around"
Niall Mccann - Bristol Uni.

Boogieland Entertainer #167 "We have had others in the past, no one comes near him, the show is the best we have booked, how he puts them under so quick "its amazing" and the stunts are so funny"
Terry Boyce - Cardiff Transport Club

Boogieland Entertainer #167 "I heared about him through New Zealand Celtic Supporters Club, the reports I heared were "fantastic". I organised a show for The West Auckland Police Club for the 1st of Feb 2003, as he was on tour here, it sold out quickly. I have never witnessed a better night of spontaneous fun in my life, people who I would describe normally as reserved, doing the craziest things. He is still the talk of the precinct to this day, and we will be booking him again on his next tour of New Zealand. I would recomend this action packed show to anybody."
Martin Folan - New Zealand Police

Boogieland Entertainer #365 "Many thanks for the show on the Wibbley Wobbley. The customers loved it and would like you back very soon. I know the boat is difficult to work as it is not open plan but you did a great job under difficult circumstances - a true pro. I would also like to book you for our other venue too…"
M. Highton - Wibbley Wobbley Boat Pub, London

Boogieland Entertainer #365 "We booked him to perform at our engagement party. We didn’t think of this idea until the last minute and we wondered whether it would be worth the money. Now I would say that his fee was the best value for money of the whole night. It helped us to make our party fun and memorable. Our friends all agreed that his show really made the night. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!"
Mr & Mrs Rees - Essex

Boogieland Entertainer #363 "You are one funny guy"
- Billy Pearce

Boogieland Entertainer #363 "What a funny act, fantastic"
- Peter Kay

Boogieland Entertainer #363 "should be given his own TV show, come on Channel 4"
- Gary Bushell

Boogieland Entertainer #363 "Brilliant Show"
- Michael Barrymore

Boogieland Entertainer #363 "Superb, why are you not on TV"
- Robbie Williams